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    The proceeds all go directly to One Life-Whole Project at Neve Shalom:
    One-Life Whole World is comprised of three groups devoted to special needs that as of yet has not been supported with community funding. There is nobody more forgotten in our community than the three programs described below.
    These programs serve the most forgotten people in our community. The saddest part is that the people served feel that way; they feel forgotten.
    The people served have difficult needs requiring a specific expertise to help properly.
    The first is Jewish Prison Outreach, visiting and support for those in prison, those coming out of prison, those going into prison, and their families. When a person comes out of prison, support groups help integrate individuals to new life post-prison.
    The second is Shalvah, a drug and alcohol addiction support group. With the drug and alcohol work, a network has developed of recovering individuals, Jews and non-Jews, who are always willing to help newcomers to our meetings. There are newcomers every week, which is the surest sign that our efforts are effective.
    There is not a meeting that someone does not say something like this:
    "This meeting is saving my life."
    Third is an outreach program on mental illness called Jewish Attention to Mental Illness-Mental Health. There are two on-going support groups, one for families and friends and one for consumers who have struggled with mental illness, many with extensive psychiatric histories. Again, new people are coming to every meeting.
    All three of these programs tend to blend into each other. One Life-Whole World Project and Neve Shalom are always looking for other avenues of cooperation. Many of the individuals in the drug and alcohol support groups have diagnosed mental illnesses; many of the offenders have drug and alcohol problems, etc.
    We are saving the world, one person at a time.
    "To save a single life is to save an entire world." -- Talmud
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It began with Brothers Lazaroff: Kinky Friedman is coming through St. Louis to Off Broadway on his Hanukkah Tour. Being big fans, they contacted club owner Steve Pohlman; how can we help?

Kinky’s playing solo...the idea was hatched to do a blow out after-party continuing the Hanukkah theme: The First Annual Brothers Lazaroff Hanukkah Hullabaloo.

Brothers Lazaroff looked to local Rabbi James Stone Goodman. A respected singer, songwriter, poet, story teller and oud player, Goodman eagerly agreed to recite his poetry accompanied by the music, in addition to singing a song by Hasidic songwriting legend Shlomo Carlebach.

From the moment the idea was born, a Klezmer band was at the top of the wish list. Goodman directed Brothers Lazaroff to Will Soll's Klezmer Conspiracy: with Soll on tenor banjo and mandolin, Dana Hotle on clarinet, Shlomo Ovadya on bass and doumbek [North African hand drum], they play true to the style of this traditional form of Eastern European folk music.

Meanwhile, Brothers Lazaroff reconnected with Ben Kaplan and invited his project "The Vaad" to come out of the studio and onto the stage for their debut show. With a lineup of local heroes, The Vaad crafted a set of hebraic post-rock noise jams that included the Rabbi delivering the "Ninth Night" in true emo fashion.

On the corner of the stage, the Brothers’ wives cooked up the traditional latkes and offered them up to the audience throughout the show [Brothers Lazaroff Grandma’s recipe].

The night felt so warm and cozy that Brothers Lazaroff invited the whole line-up into Jacob Detering’s Red Pill Entertainment studio the following week. The goal: capture the elusive Hanukkah-themed series of poems "Eight Nights" the rabbi had recited that evening backed by the amalgamation of all three groups' energy and spirit. What happened: another ascendant evening. This is the result.


released December 19, 2011

Rabbi James Stone Goodman - Readings, Writings, Oud and Percussion

Brothers Lazaroff:
Jeff Lazaroff - Guitars, Octave 12, Vibes, Vocals
David Lazaroff - Guitars, Drum Programming and Samples, Omni-Chord, Pedal Steel and Vocals
Grover Stewart - Drums, Percussion, Samples, and Vocals
Teddy Brookins - Bass and Vocals
Mo Egeston - Fender Rhodes, Synth, Melodica

Klezmer Conspiracy:
Will Soll - Tenor Banjo, Mandolin
Dana Hotle - Clarinet
Shlomo Ovadya - Percussion

The Vaad- Drum Programming and Loops

Paco Proano- Sound Design

Words: James Stone Goodman
Music: Traditionals arranged by Brothers Lazaroff

Recorded and Mixed by Jacob Detering of Red Pill Entertainment

Art Work by J.J. Campbell at Rural Rooster in Austin, TX



all rights reserved


Rabbi James Stone Goodman with Brothers Lazaroff, featuring Will Soll's Klezmer Conspiracy St Louis, Missouri

It began with Brothers Lazaroff: a blow out after Kinky Friedman's Hanukkah Tour gig continuing the theme. The First Annual Brothers Lazaroff Hanukkah Hullabaloo featuring Brothers Lazaroff, Rabbi James Stone Goodman, Will Soll's Klezmer Conspiracy, Ben Kaplan and "The Vaad." On the corner of the stage...latkes. It was an ascendant night, so we took it into the studio. Behold the result. ... more

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Track Name: First Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story*

The first one asked questions

What kind of light?
A miracle but which one?

Backwards we are telling the story
Elijah standing on the street corner

he asked for a match --

Fire, he said
as well as light
some specially created light

festival of lights

the kind of light
that burns.
Track Name: Second Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story**

The second night, he came dressed as an angel in Japanese embroidered silk.

Are you a man or a lady? I asked him -- there are so many more possibilities
said the angel.

Oil is wisdom, poured over the head of the Priest King Messiah, overflowing like precious oil on the head, running down the beard of Aaron.The pure finely-beaten, most excellent of the olive oil --
the olive that releases its finest product when pressed.

Smell this, said the angel, pressing his wrist to my nose
another quality of oil -- the capacity to absorb.

I smelled yasmina

When I make perfume the scent is absorbed into the oil -- then distilled. Wisdom
is absorbed from the world this way -- both its beauty and its contaminants.

Now, said the angel, one small vial of pure oil when fired up lights everything. Wisdom when it is tended burns pure burns long burns sure.

We are all in the game -- attaching to the pure, resisting the contaminants lurking
everywhere around us within us.

O God -- a heart of purity create in me bind me to the purifications, separate me from the contaminants --

Begin now.
Track Name: Third Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story***

On the third night --

Darkness IS Light -- God separated the light from darkness
called light day and the darkness night, and it was evening and it was morning
day one.

In the beginning, darkness and light one, a single seamless sourced good
then the challenge: subdue the dark, illumine the good.

Temple menorah lit by day to illumine the night. Hanukkah menorah
lit by night to reclaim dark. Light from darkness itself -- the source of light.

Light from the luminous essence of darkness – this the Hanukkah light.

The Temple lights seven, Hanukkah eight, seven the spiritual cycle
the seven sefirot emanated from God, all natural cycles given in seven.

Eight -- surrounding the seven, the extra measure laid around nature
The eighth lamp -- light from darkness itself -- darkness as an aspect of light.

Now stare into a candle see the flame see the darkness around the wick
see the dark candle it’s all light
all over.
Track Name: Fourth Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story****

On the fourth night, the angel showed up dressed as God (everything Italian) with a dog. Good hound, intelligent dog, the angelk cooed.

You know what I love about this dog? asked the angel. I let it out, it sits in front of the door looking to get back in. What kind of meshuggene dog doesn’t want to run away?

By this time in the tale the angel was crying like a drunk in a tavern
– crying, laughing, crying.
Track Name: Fifth Night
Eight angels came to me on eight nights
Each one told a story*****

On the fifth night
The angel spoke out of a thatch of black beard
reminded me to walk daily without my shoes through the grass.

He told this story:
a young man left home traveled to a faraway land where he learned the art of making menorahs. When he returned home he went to work. He worked alone covering the menorah with a large cloth -- even the father had not seen it.

When he was done he asked his father to gather together the townspeople in the square. He unveiled his work -- everyone was silent. His father approached each person individually asking what they thought about the menorah. Each one saw a defect -- each a different defect.

The father told his son, what one person praised another person cursed.
That's what I learned, said the son, each defect is in the eyes of the person who sees it. I fashioned a menorah entirely out of defects, I made the menorah out of flaws. Now I will begin its repair.

When you find a flaw, he said, you find your own flaw.
Track Name: Sixth Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story******

On the sixth night
a tarnished angel appeared
selling pencils outside the ball park.

We fired up the lights, stood staring into the fire.
What’s the miracle?
he asked us.

Light victory power revenge clarity purity
dedication --
we hadn’t answered him.

Afterwards, he asked for a ride to the Metro Link
and maybe a couple of bucks to get downtown.

I threw a load of money at him
he threw it back.
Don’t mess with my serenity, he said.

What’s the miracle? I asked him back.
Grateful, said the angel
-- the miracle is gratitude
find that and you won’t need anything.

You’ll breathe into the souls of your feet
and live as long as you want to.
Track Name: Seventh Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story*******

On the seventh night an angel came to me
Playing an oud plucked from the fire
Listen to this
Said the angel
As she played I saw the notes rise into the air
The notes became seven branches of fire and on each side of the fire
Two bottles of fine olive oil.

What does it mean?
I asked.
See this middle path?
It is the balanced axis of beauty beauty

You are the meaning making machine, said the angel
Make it mean what you like
Track Name: Eighth Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story********

On the eighth night
I ran into an angel dressed as the Prince at the grocery store.

He was still recovering from his illness
But walking on his own now.

I made a deal, he said to me,
If I lived, I’d give my life over to God.

We walked outside, both of us squinting into the sunlight --
And if you would have died?

I’d have given my life over to God,
He said.
Track Name: Ninth Night
Eight Angels Came to Me On Eight Nights
Each one told a story******** *

On the ninth night
an angel came to me in the form of the dope man.
He told a story about a score who came to buy --
the dope man wouldn’t let him in.

He makes me nervous, said the discerning dope man.

Why are you telling me this story
and why on the ninth night? I asked.

You thought there were eight nights, said the dope man angel.
This year you will light for nine.
You assumed ten energies
there are eleven.
You learned four ways of reading --
there are five
-- four levels of the soul
there’s a fifth.

What kind of dope are you selling
dope man?

The kind you live for, he said --
everything that issues from the mouth of God

-- the kind you can’t do without.
Track Name: Fire and Light
Fire, as well as light

created light

the kind of light

that burns.